HT-NEXT Awards Program Brings Live Vendor Competition & Hotelier Innovation to the Stage

The annual HT-NEXT Awards are actually comprised of two unique and exciting programs. Solution providers compete live on-stage for bragging rights in the HTNG TechOvation awards, and hoteliers are honored by Hospitality Technology in the annual Hotel Visionary Awards.

The exciting program begins with presentations from 10 TechOvation semi-finalists. From there, three finalists will be selected by TechOvation judges, and while those votes are being tabulated, the 2020 Visionary Award winners are revealed. Finally, a live audience vote selects the 2020 TechOvation Awards Winner! 

Join us for the HT-NEXT Awards Program on Wednesday, April 29 from 3:30PM-6:30PM!

HTNG’s TechOvation Award recognizes and rewards new, innovative products to the hospitality technology market. Videos of these solutions will be hosted on HTNG’s YouTube channel where they will gain “likes” and votes from the judging panel in anticipation to advance to present live at HT-NEXT.

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The Hotel Visionary Awards honor hotel companies for outstanding achievement in customer-facing and enterprise innovation across segments that are effectively tackling how to serve customers, empower staff and streamline operations in a data-driven, digital world.